Dolly Max is an all-terrain and portable multifunction cart. It is used as a mattress dolly, moving dolly, sheetrock dolly, yard cart, tear out cart, movers dolly, furniture dolly, scaffolding dolly, fence dolly, lumber cart, drywall cart and more! Large 12.25″ pneumatic tires on the rear with 5″ locking casters on front allow the user to easily cross thresholds, air hoses, yards, and other rough terrain. Easy to transport to the job site!

Features: Adjustable support posts are the key to the many uses of the Dolly Max. There are 10 vertical and 6 horizontal positions and posts can be used in both axis. Base model dolly includes four 56″ posts and extra posts are available. 700 lb capacity is expandable to 1000 lbs with additional caster option. Great for carrying: Boxes, Barrels, Cabinets, Sheet Rock, Plywood, Doors, Windows, Fencing Materials, Carpets, Tables, Pallets, Granite, Marble, Lumber, Bags of Cement, Pipes, Tubing, Posts, or whatever you need! The Dolly Max is ideally suited for the warehouse, job site, home, and more! Cart dimensions: 30″L x 25″W x 13″ H


Wheel barrow handle

Optional wheel barrow handle increases the functionality of the cart. Includes 2 additional 56″ posts with pins and brackets for quick install and release of the handles. Handles can be used as additional vertical or horizontal posts as well.

Extra dolly cart casters

Standard with two front locking casters – 2 additional casters can be added to increase workload from 700lbs to 1000lbs to move even the heaviest loads!

all terrain dolly

Large 12.25″ pneumatic tires make crossing obstacles a breeze! Optional foam tires also available.


One Dolly – Unlimited uses.


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  • I am a general contractor and part time handyman. Lately I have been doing some contract work like putting together Gazebos with my helper. With these Gazebos, we get paid by the job. Recently my wife saw this cart on the internet and bought it for me with the idea it will help with my bad back. (I have had some issues lately lifting heavy objects.) Anyway we have the Dolly Max with two extra posts and the wheel barrow handles. I have to tell you it worked great. We had to park the truck in front of the house. The porch was behind the house where the Gazebo was going to go. The Gazebo came in two boxes and were in the bed of the truck. We made two trips with the Dolly Max, one for each box. We were able to unload right on the porch saving about 40 or more trips to the front of the house. I loved the way the posts can be moved to different positions and how easily the handles come out for loading and unloading. Usually this Gazebo takes us about 9.5 hours to build with a 30 minute lunch. We got it done in 8 saving us about 1.5 hours. I usually figure minimum pay for myself at $20 per hour and my helper at $13 when I take on a job. With the options we bought for the cart, our cost was about $500. (It starts at $400) I figure it was saving about $50 per job. It will have paid for itself in 10 jobs, or about 3 weeks. My wife has bought me some "interesting" presents before but she hit a grand slam buying me this Dolly. Besides the time savings, we were not nearly as tired when we finished as with past jobs when we finished. I think it is because it saved us an hour and a half of walking hauling parts around the house. I want to thank who ever designed this thing. I don't know of another product we could have used to move these boxes around the house. The box on the cart in the picture weighs 341 pounds. The bigger box weighs 250 pounds. When I called the company to tell them what a great product they have, they asked me to write something about how I use it. I hope this helps other guys the way it helped me, just not the guys around my neighborhood that I compete with. –Marshall Wilde, contractor Woodstock GA