The Panel Express Self Adjusting All-Terrain Panel Cart breezes over obstacles both inside and out. Able to carry up to 18  half inch sheets! How does it work? Self adjusting brace mechanism automatically adjusts to hold up to three inches of material.  Simply set your substrate down onto the dolly and the rubber lined clamp automatically clamps down on the piece. Need to carry more sheets? Lock the brace open load up to 3.5 inches of substrates in the clamp and stack your additional sheet goods on the optional shelf.  Includes locking casters for easy loading and a convenient handle for moving the glass dolly when empty. 700lb capacity! Great as a drywall dolly, glass dolly, granite cart, door dolly and more. Able to carry fully framed windows!

Features: The rubber lined adjusting brace has a lip on the bottom to hold your sheet goods and is held open by a spring. When a sheet is loaded, the weight of the sheet overcomes the spring and forces the adjusting brace to clamp your material in place. With a size of around a 2ft cube the panel express material cart can easily roll through doors, down hallways or through a warehouse. The two large 12.25″ pneumatic tires are able to traverse a variety of terrain such as gravel or grass as well as most small obstructions, like air hoses, without hesitation. The dolly’s 40 lb. steel frame is the perfect balance of sturdiness and portability.


Panel Express

Self adjusting brace mechanism automatically adjusts to hold any sheet up to three inches. Includes locking casters for easy loading and a convenient handle for moving the glass dolly when empty.

Panel Express Storage Box

Need a handy place to store hand tools and supplies? Just add the Optional Tool Box to our Glass Dolly for easy storage – great for screwdrivers, pliers, miscellaneous hardware, or tie down straps.

Panel Express Shelf

Adding the Lower Shelf Option increases the capacity to carry sheet goods such as plywood, drywall, sign substrates and more to 18 sheets!


Can you afford to have 2 men perform 1 job? Meet the Panel Express!


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  • Dear Mike, It was very nice to meet you at the IBS show. As we discussed, I had purchased the Glass Cart at the Glass Build Show in September 2012. My intention was to use it for Condo / Hotel projects when we needed to move a lot of mirrors or glass from the loading area to particular units. Though we have yet to need it for a project, the Glass Cart was a tremendous help when we organized our warehouse. The person we hired to organize our warehouse had to move about 300 pieces of primarily 3/8" and 1/2" glass. This individual had no prior glass experience. He was able to move all the glass by himself from our warehouse down a ramp to a storage container all by using the Glass Cart. The Glass Cart should be a must have for anyone in the Glass business.–Michael, Sterling Glass Company

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