• Saw Trax offers a wide variety of cutting tools, such as a floating router, utility knife, rolling shear and circular saw.  All of our cutting tools can be utilized in universal carriage systems of all of our units. The standard saw is a Makita 5007a but a Skill Worm Drive Saw or Milwaukee 10” saw are available in the 2000 and 3000 series model.
  • Our standard saw plate can utilize most any 7 ¼ inch saw.
  • Saw Trax Panel Saws are the only panel saw that has the capability to raise the material support rollers to a higher level so you may cut your material from the bottom up to eliminate shattering of thin plastics.
  • We are the only panel saw company to offer a floating router option for every model.  A floating router plate provides a consistent depth of cut by following the contours of your material.
  • We utilize a component based assembly.  If a part gets damaged such as Guide Tube or Fence,  just that part can be replaced.  If you need to extend your unit just add the components to extend the height or length.  No need to replace the entire machine.
  • Our unique dust containment brush allows for hassle free dust collection & offers a light dusting to knock any loose debris from your material into the dust collection area.


  •  Alignment of our machines is done in the factory so they are accurate out of the crate. Our patented alignment system ensures the machine stays square.  Saw Trax uses a Sealed Roller Bearing system rather than the old style, plastic nylon, U-bolt rollers system.  This tracking system provides a smoother, more accurate tracking than the old style roller system & has a longer life expectancy.
  • Cutting accuracy is with-in 1/64th of an inch.


  •  Saw Trax has a unique carriage design that allows you to quickly change cutting tools.
  •  We use our exclusive, patented, set & forget, Accu-Square alignment system.  Our machines never go out of square.
  •  We pre-assemble all units in the factory, so your assembly is minimal.
  •  Saw Trax panel saws use standard size blades, so replacement saw blades are easy to find.
  •  The saw motor that we use is an “off the shelf” saw.  Should you need to replace your saw motor your down time is very minimal.
  •  Our folding stand is pre-assembled for your convenience and opens like a ladder, requiring only 1 person to “set it up”.
  •  Dust collection hook ups are standard on most of our models so there are no additional hidden expenses when purchasing a Saw Trax.


  • When our Makita saw is off the machine, the blade is guarded.   This protects the blade from being damaged when placed on a solid surface & prevents injuries like cutting yourself on an exposed blade.
  • Our utility knife blade retracts to prevent injuries when off the machine.


  • We offer superior customer service and our friendly staff is very knowledgeable and experienced as to how our machines operate and perform when cutting various material.
  • Even with all these advantages, Saw Trax still maintains the ability to offer a superior product for a lower cost.